Change log

Real Uploader change log and updates

Real Uploader is a new plugin, the base comes from Real Ajax Uploader Version 3.4.4. This is a new major release and the version is 4.x.x.

Version 4.2.0 27/05/2016

Real Uploader 4.2.0 changelog
  • Added beforeRenderFile and afterRenderFile events

Version 4.1.4 04/03/2016

Real Uploader 4.1.4 changelog
  • Fix data options, now calculated on file upload
  • Fix remotePath options, now calculated on file upload start

Version 4.1.0 04/11/2015

Real Uploader 4.1.0 changelog
  • Added JSP support, upload.jsp
  • Added md5 check sum of uploaded files

Version 4.0.0 15/10/2015

Real Uploader 4 has the following changes compared to Real Ajax Uploader:
  • Implemented with RequireJS
  • CSS theme using SASS
  • Removed jQuery dependency
  • Refactor internal code
  • New CSS and template structure
  • Removed Flash support
  • Removed support for no-HTML5 browser (IE7, IE8, IE9)
  • Significant changes to server script upload.php
  • No server script for ASPX, the version 4.2.0 will provide support for ASPX server script
  • Better support for Mobile
  • Fast and High quality images resize on browser
  • Change name of options and added new options

Back compatibility

Real Uploader is not compatible with Real Ajax Uploader. Many options are the same but the upload process has changed and if the user has customized the behaviour the code then he cannot update Real Ajax Uploader by just replacing the it with Real Uploader.
If Real Ajax Uploader has not been customized, then it can be replaced by Real Uploader, with an eye to the options that has changed.