A modern powerful HTML5 Uploader

Plugin Evolution

Real Uploader is a modern HTML5 plugin for uploading files on internet with extreme simplicity. It is an evolution of Real Ajax Uploader 3. The "ajax" word has been removed from the plugin because Real Uploader has a totally new source code and new architecture.

Browser Support

We decide to drop down the old browser support and remove the flash fallback. Most of modern browsers and mobile browser are HTML5 fully compliant. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE10 are the supported browsers. The support for IE 9 or lower has been dropped. Better code, less bugs.

More Features

Every aspect of the plugin can be customized. Real Uploader comes with 4 themes included and the html template can be customized. It also has a lot of options for customizing behavior. Events, image resize, anti-freeze system and more...